• Addiction Recovery Counseling

    I am here to guide you through a process of recovery, discovery, and empowerment.  I use a special counseling technique known as Motivational Interviewing (MI), which is a highly effective technique that can guide individuals away from dependence and is a proven method of treatment for impact on addiction.  MI is a quick, effective, person-centered therapy that allows you to define your own goals and make your own choices by helping you identify what is personally meaningful in your own life.  Highly effective. eliminating the need for long-term counseling – some have successfully terminated counseling after only four sessions.  **This is NOT a 12-step program.**

  • Personal Growth

    During our time together, you will gain greater insights into your own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors; and you will have the opportunity to learn new coping skills and receive support.  You will also learn new things about yourself that will help you in your changes.  While many people respond positively to counseling, there may be times where progress is not noticeable.  Other times, sensitive topics may arise and result in emotional distress.  Should this occur, I will process any feelings of discomfort with you with the understanding that you may discontinue the session at any time.  I am here to support you in overcoming the challenges you are experiencing.

  • Introduction

    My name is Myriah Smith.  I earned my AA in Social & Behavioral Science and my BA in Health & Wellness, which emphasized behavioral change counseling through the Biopsychosocial Approach.  This means that I am trained to understand how your social life, emotions, and behavior all work together to contribute to this problem in your life.  My own personal experiences have also shaped my ability to understand you, have shed light on how I learned about these topics, and have given me the ability to dig deeper into finding a solution that actually works.  I can guide you through a process of recovering your life, discovering new things about yourself and the world around you, and give you the knowledge and tools necessary to design a life you love to life and live it well.

  • Affordability

    An affordable solution, I keep my fee EXTREMELY low for you.  I do this because I am more concerned about your mental and emotional wellbeing and that is why I designed this program this way, so you know you are getting the help you need.  This highly insightful and motivating program will empower you to live each day free from the chains of addiction (whether is be alcohol, drugs, sex, video games, media, or food!)  Sessions include insightful information, personal interaction, activities, and feedback from me to guide you in strengthening your own motivations for change!  If you cannot afford it, email us and we’ll match you with a sponsor!